Alejandro Hernandez

Digital Artist & Full-Stack Developer

Innovative technology and beautiful artworks with focus on advertising. Over 13 years working with clients from the Emirates and worldwide.


Photo-Manipulation & Creative Direction

Creating products and brands from scratch. Genius ideas and photo-realistic images for marketing, problem-solving or reality-crafting.

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Post-Production & Motion Graphics

Cinematic videos for brand new products and lifestyle. Short clips with immersive audio and striking visuals, all under 60 seconds.

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Art Direction & Photography

Capturing the world through travel and street photography. Unique styles based on a cinematic colour grading and AI technology.


Front-End & Back-End Development

Crafting beautiful, functional and smooth web services from scratch. The following shopping experience features JavaScript, PHP and SQL.


Generative Models & Phython

Research and development of AI tools with focus on generative art and problem solving. Explore one of my experiments in the following video.